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We are one of North America’s leading conveyor belt fabricators with an install base of conveyor belting in every industry from manufacturing, non woven, automotive and packaging, to food, beverage and pharmaceutical.

We design, build, manufacture, and install belts in many different materials including Urethane, PVC, Nylon, Rubber, Silicon and Teflon to exacting tolerances for our customers. We design custom conveyor belts to address the specific needs of our customers and ship our conveyor belts worldwide. Our design and quality departments work hand in hand to ensure that our belts will be performing to the standards expected and demanded by our customers.

We started from simple beginnings 26 years ago, manufacturing flat conveyor belting and general-purpose conveyor belts. Responding to our customer needs, we graduated to rubber and Urethane. We later broke into custom draw and puller haul-off belts, nylon core power transmission conveyor belts and truly endless belting, pin splice and mesh vacuum conveyor belts.

At Connect Conveyor Belting we build and finish customized conveyor belts, integrating features such as custom milling, coatings and finishing. We design features into belts such as cleats, sidewalls, step grooves, V-guides, vacuum holes and static guards. In our specials department we add in special coverings and materials such as high release coatings.

In the conveyor belt industry we have built a unique team of customer-focused professionals. We have integrated design, manufacturing, quality and sales, shipping teams second to none in the industry and offer 7 days a week 24 hours a day installation, repair, rework and installation should our customers demand it.

We also offer full factory-wide service for our larger clients.

Please contact our sales department at 1-905-878-5552 and find out how Connect Conveyor Belting can make your factory or distribution center more productive by using better and innovative conveyor belt solutions.

Whatever your Industrial Conveyor Belting needs – We Can Help.

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