Conveyor Belt

Connect Conveyor Belting designs, fabricates and finishes flat belt conveyor belts for industries such as food, packaging, automotive, material handling and non woven. Flat conveyor belts have numerous design options including: side guides, cleats, side-walls, v-guides, capped edges and turn belts.


This tough, low-stretch polyester fabric belt comes with a hygienic, highly durable belt covering made from a variety of materials, including urethane resin and PVC.

Our conveyor belts are resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity and have a very small take up amount and meet FDA requirements where applicable. Highly resistant to wear and mostly with anti-static treatment and excellent resistance to oils and chemicals. Teflon coated products further extend this range.


Suitable for general industries requiring the precise transportation of light weight goods and foodstuffs.  Food, Packaging, Automotive, Material handling and Non woven

Conveyor Belt