A range of tools for the preparation and installation of Belting products.


Ranging from thermal heating jointing tools to joint preparation tools, we offer a specially designed range of optimal tools for all ranges of belting and devices for the measurement of acoustic belt tension.


We have tools to suit all our individual belting ranges. Depending on the method of joining, we can provide a very high quality tool to suit your needs.


Conveyor Series

Slitter (click for more details)
Stationary knife.  90″, 3M and 3.5M wide options.  Matching Unwinder/Winder accessories available.

VersaTool (click for more details)
Automated combination hot air welder, for v-guides and cleats, belt slitter, and grinder for belt preparation.  Available in 48″ and 72″ (1800mm) width capacities, plus option with outside weld and 3M fence rolling table.  Accommodates thicknesses of up to 11mm, minimum length of 320mm.

Finger Punch (click for more details)
Punches both ends of belt at the same time.  Fully automatic and pneumatic.  Available in 2M, 3M and 3.5M widths.  Accommodates belts up to 8mm thick and 3M wide.