Transmission Flat Belt

Nitta produces PolyBelt a Nylon Core Power transmission and conveyor belting product as well as PolySprint  a Polyester Core belts requiring no adhesive allowing for simple and fast installation.

PolyBelt _ Nylon Core type


With strong extruded nylon carcasses and a wide variety of rubber covers for wear and abrasion resistance, these belts offer the optimum mix of performance, shock load capability, longevity and ease of installation. Customer demands are consistently being fulfilled by new developments using nylon and own manufactured elastomers.


Due to the excellent performance, durability and quality, this range is ideal for demanding applications.

Packaging, Paper converting, Box folding, Tube winding, Nonweven, Wire drawing, Pulp and paper, Tissue and towel, Automotive automated assembly, Corrugating cardboard industry, transmission

Nylon Core type
Polyester Core type

PolySprint _ Polyester Core type


Nitta’s PolySprint range of printing industry tapes are ideally suited for the graphic arts and paper converting industries. The simple QuickFlex splicing system requires no adhesives for joining, is very fast and requires minimal training. Nitta’s PolySprint belts are made with a variety of covers and carcasses so that you can select a belt that is perfect for your application. Some belts are elastic with thermoplastic carcasses, some are non-elastic with carcasses reinforced with polyamide or polyester fabrics.


Our PolySprint™ range of belts is ideal for feeding, folding and packaging and are installed in printing (web) folders, print finishing applications, packaging machines, live roller and nonwoven applications