Urethane and Rubber Timing Belts


Customized Urethane and Rubber Timing Belts

We are a leading industry expert in design, fabrication of standard and custom urethane timing belts. Our construction options for urethane timing belts include: molded endless, open-ended, welded endless, wound endless and truly endless.

Connect Conveyor Belting Inc. can quickly respond to your power transmission and linear positioning needs. For high stress and load demands, truly endless belts are available in most standard types from widths up to 300mm wide and lengths from 1500 to 13000 mm to accommodate all power transmission, high speed and severe conveying applications. Most urethanes are also available with tooth side, low friction, nylon fabric (PAZ) for smooth running and considerable noise reduction. Low friction nylon fabric on back side (PAR) offers low friction for transport applications.

These belts can be supplied in open ended roll stock or can be spliced at our facility to any specified length, in flex steel cord or Kevlar reinforced constructions. With in-house timing belt splicing capability, Connect Conveyor Belting offers quick response to many timing belt breakdown situations, minimizing potential lengthy downtimes.

For an “actual size” reference you can refer to our product brochure, standard types are represented here, but many more are available. Also available in many DL (dual profile) styles.

Finishing: profiling, indexing, perforated holes, tooth removal, Connect Pin Splice-Ultra Wide (name brand. CCB-UWPS), v guides, High grip, custom profiles/ attachments, custom finishing modification. Ground surfaces, smooth surfaces, mechanical joint, precision thickness tolerances, Impact / abrasion resistant, textured surfaces

Backings: Rubber- Trade names, .EPDM, Natural, SBR , Silicone, PVC, Rough top, chevron,  Commercial grade product trade names- Linatex, Linatrile, Sylomer sponge


Featured Industries Served: Automotive, Manufacturing, Assembly, Robotics, Automation, Packaging, Food and Non-Woven

Applications: Stamping, blanking, press lines, transfer conveyors, off load conveyors, press to press, index conveyors, high speed, precession placing, acceleration / deceleration, lifting systems, gantry, linear positing accurate indexing , motion control